Wednesday, October 25

so much little time

This post only really goes out to one person reading it. Which i know they will, and that is why I write it if I'm honest...

My head has become so messed up over what's happened in the past month, and you have turned my world upside down and back to front, as only you can.
I never saw myself as the person I am today, the positive and the negative parts too.
I also thought, foolishly, that I could leave my past behind: bury it deep inside the recesses of my brain and never hurt so long as I ignored it.
But everyone knows that is never the case really.
I am grateful for every moment of everyday that I spend with you.
You make me feel alive again, and give me the kind of hope that I lost once, with my innocence too.

But sometimes my fears and doubts take over
I worry that you don't trust in me, in us, to be strong enough sometimes.
And I worry for you too.
I know there have been many things unsaid between us still, because it's still too painful, and you have to come to terms with your own demons too, but I need you to be strong and sure about what we have between us.
And know and trust in that.

And one day all of our hopes and dreams will come true x